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The municipality of Golegã, where Casa das Portas is located offers to its visitors several annual events, specifically, the International Horse Fair, this is the best known event of the town, receiving thousands of visitors every year throughout the duration of this fair held in the month of November, always including the most crowded day - November 11, St. Martin's Day; the Expo Égua, an event held in the month of May, aimed mainly at the Mares and the presentation of the colts; Olé Golegã (beginning of September), a recent but very popular event involving residents and non-residents that has increased in number of visitors every year.
All through the year Golegã is an excellent place for exploring, with some museums - Museu Carlos Relvas, Museu da Máquina de Escrever, Museu Arqueológico -, with fields as far as the eye can see, with centenary farms ideal for taking pictures, and the Paul do Boquilobo Nature Reserve, considered by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve since 1981.

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